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Alpha Virtual is a secure and trusted blockchain solutions provider delivering decentralized finance services.

  • Decentralized Finance Infrastructure
  • Professional Validator Services
  • Blockchain Solutions Leader
  • Digital Asset Investments
  • Anti-Money Laundering Experts

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Estimated annual return:

5.8% **

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Estimated annual return:

~13% *

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Coming soon!

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Our Mission

Alpha Virtual's mission is to provide enterprise-grade technical services to DeFi organizations that use technology to increase prosperity for all.

A core requirement for fulfilling the goal of global financial inclusion is the need for underlying infrastructure and tooling to support networks who have the mission create long-term social impact .
In an effort to embrace our core values of global financial inclusion and long-term social impact we are committed to donating 15% of our earned rewards to charitable organizations.

Professional Validator Services

We make it easy for you to participate in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) economy and earn rewards for staking your coins, without the need to setup your own infrastructure.


Seamless integration with top hardware and software wallets.


Hosted across multiple cloud providers in different geographical regions to achieve continuous operation of our service.


State-of-the-art multi-validator architecture coupled with arrays of sentry nodes.


Audited security setup to shield validators from both cyber and physical attacks.

Frequently asked questions

Are my coins safe?

When using our service, your coins remain in your custody at all times. We automate the process of creating the smart contracts between you and your network (Celo, Harmony, Solana, and Ethereum), and we run the validation servers on your behalf, which are required in order for you to earn your rewards. When you wish to stop staking, your coins are returned according to the rules of the network you have staked with. Some networks have a mandatory "lockup period" until the coins are released back to you.

When you wish to stop staking each network has different policies for unlocking your funds or votes.

There are various factors which can affect the yield returned by the network. The tokenomics are unique to each network, but generally return rates are determined by the total number of tokens locked for staking on th network versus the total supply of tokens. Generally speaking, the higher this ration the lower the yield.

We are Crypto and DeFi believers like you. We will respond to any request as soon as possible. Please contact us at

We will continue to offer best-of-breed staking solutions for our users. We plan to add additional networks and tools soon.

*Projected annual rate based on the rewards we received from the Harmony network over the past 90 days, and reflective of a commission we take on all rewards received. You can find our current commission fee in our user agreement.
**Projected annual rate based on the rewards returned by the Celo network over the past 90 days.